The main endogenous mineralocorticoids are aldosterone and deoxycorticosterone. These hormones actively affect the exchange of electrolytes and water, and relatively little – on carbohydrate and protein metabolism. Earlier in clinical practice, deoxycortone preparations – deoxycorticosterone acetate (DOXA) and deoxycorticosterone trimethyl acetate – were widely used. They were used for adrenal dysfunction (hypocorticism), especially in Addison’s disease, as well as in myasthenia gravis, adynamia, hypochloremia and other diseases associated with mineral metabolism disorders. Natural aldosterone cannot be used for replacement therapy, because completely metabolized during the first passage through the liver and is inaccessible. Currently, fludrocortisone is widely used as a drug with high mineralocorticoid activity comparable to that of aldosterone.
Below is a list of mineralocorticosteroids:

  • Deoxycortone
  • Fludrocortisone