This pharmacological group includes such adrenolytic agents as beta-blockers in combinations. Below is a list of beta-blockers in combinations: Amlodipine * + Bisoprolol Bisoprolol * + Amlodipine Bisoprolol * + Hydrochlorothiazide Atenolol * + Chlorthalidone Clopamide * + Pindolol Vinpocetine * + Indapamide * + Metoprolol * + Enalapril Dorzolamide * + Timolol Latanoprost *…

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This pharmacological group includes adrenolytic agents such as beta-blockers. Below is a list of beta blockers: Propranolol Bisoprolol Timolol Atenolol Acebutolol Betaxolol Metoprolol Metoprolol Nebivolol Esmolol Pindolol Sotalol Nadolol Talinolol Metoprolol Bopindolol Oxprenolol Metipranolol Celiprolol Esatenolol

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