This pharmacological group includes such anticholinergics as n-anticholinergics (muscle relaxants). Below is a list of n-anticholinergics (muscle relaxants): Pipecuronium bromide Atracuria besilat Suxamethonii iodidum (Suxamethonii iodidum) Rocuronium bromide Suxamethonium chloride Mivacuria chloride Tolperisone Cisatracuria besilat Tercuronium (Tercuronium) Tubocurarine chloride

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This pharmacological group includes such anticholinergics as m-anticholinergics in combinations. Below is a list of m-anticholinergics in combinations: Belladonna leaf extract + Tribromphenolate bismuth and Bismuth oxide complex + Zinc sulfate (Extractum foliorum Belladonnae + Bismuthi tribromphenolas cum Bismuthi oxydo complexus (Xeroformium) + Zinci sulfas) Belladonna leaf extract + Sodium bicarbonate (Extractum foliorum Belladonnae +…

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M-anticholinergics include substances that block m-cholinergic receptors in the region of the endings of parasympathetic nerve fibers, resulting in dilated pupils, accommodation paralysis, tachycardia, improved AV conduction, decreased tone of the bronchi, bladder, weakening of intestinal motility, decreased secretion of glands (bronchial and digestive). Some alkaloids (atropine, scopolamine), a number of semi-synthetic and synthetic compounds…

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